All our caravans & motorhomes come complete with:

6 x Bowls, Side Plates, Main Plates, Coffee Mugs, Plastic Cups (4 for Caravans that sleep 2)
4 x Large Acrylic  Glasses, Medium Acrylic Glasses, Plastic Cups
6 each of Knifes, Forks, Spoons, T/Spoons (4 for Caravans that sleep 2)
1 x Can Opener
3 x Assorted Cooking Pots with Lids
1 x Frying Pan
1 x Mixing Bowl
1 x Measuring Bowl
1 x Cheese Grater
1 x Sharp Knife
1 x Vegetable Peeler
6 x Assorted Cooking Utensils
2 x Cutting Board
1 x Toaster
1 x Electric Jug
1 x Dust Pan and Brush
1 x Broom
Mattress Protectors to suit bedding
3 x Tea Towels
Dish Clothes
Dish Detergent