Common Questions and extra information


Insurance is included in the hire cost of the caravan or motorhome. There is a $1000 excess on caravans and $2500 excess on motorhomes . Any damage up to the value of your bond will be covered by your bond. See terms and conditions for details.

We hire our caravans by the day not night like a motel. The reason behind this is the caravans are available for 9am on the start date till 5pm on the finishing date. If you like a late pick up or next day early return contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Caravan Pick up:

We are located at 244 Portarlington Road, Moolap, Victoria 3224.
Please allow around 45min to 1 hour for pick-up. This allows us to help connect the caravan to your vehicle, test connections, show the features of the caravan inside and out.

If you are a returning customer or an experienced caravaner and are familiar with operating the caravan this time can be shortened considerably.

Caravan Delivery

If you have requested a delivery of the caravan, we will do our best to position the caravan as instructed. We will also set the caravan up with the services available at the site. Please be aware there are limitations with extension cord (15amp & 15m) & hose lengths (10m).
If you think that you may have a problem with these limitations, please contact us. We can bring extra equipment to make the delivery go more smoothly.

Caravans are supplied without water in their holding tanks. We can add water to the tanks on request.

Caravan Free Camping:

Our caravans have many features that enable free or un-powered camping sites to be used.
Please let us know when you are picking up the caravan to show you the features like gas fridge operation, battery operation, gas hot water.

Some of these camping sites are not well maintained, please beware of things like falling branches and stumps that may damage the caravan.

Caravan Braking Systems:

Australian road rules state that all trailer with a GTM exceeding 750kgs must have brakes. All our caravans require electric braking system. We know that most people do not have a Brake Controller fitted to their car. See our solution under > Options > Portable Electric Brakes.

Awning Care:

All Caravan for Hire caravans have awnings. When you pick up the caravan we will run you through the operation and care of the awning. If you are unsure on the operation, here is link to a useful video. 

The main points of caring for the awning are: 

If the wind picks up – put the awning in 
At night when the awning is unsupervised – wind the awning in 
If you leave camp and the awning is unsupervised – wind the awning in

Caravan Fridges : All Caravan for Hire caravans have 3 way fridges. 
They can run on 3 different systems; 
240 volt AC – power supplied from mains power 
12 volt DC (car battery – need to have the aux power wire installed) 
Gas (gas cylinders on caravan) 

These fridges make no sound (no compressor) & require several hours to cool.

If your camping site has the hot sun (especially in summer) facing the wall with the fridge, provide some shade to the fridge vent area. This will help with the cooling operation of the fridge.

Caravans equipped with Toilet:

Some of our caravans are equipped with a toilet. Effluent is collected in a sealed cartridge. This cartridge can be easily emptied at an appropriate dump site or regular toilet.

The cartridge MUST be emptied by the hiree to avoid and automatic cleaning fee.